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Sumter Sales and Marketing is focused on the needs of the ever-changing Semiconductor industry.

As a Manufacturer’s Representative organization, our diverse product and service offerings range from the wafer fabrication area to the final tests performed on the packaged device; and include a mix of equipment and materials used for the assembly, reliability test, characterization, failure analysis, and other related test and measurement procedures of the final product.

We always strive to work with both the customer and the supplier to provide the end-user with the optimal long term solution to their requirements.


Sumter’s territory includes the Southern United States; the exact States that are included varies somewhat from one product supplier to the next.

However, it can generically be described as including the region from Texas to Florida to the South, with a northern boundary that includes Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and North Carolina.


Please visit the Products area on this website for a complete listing and description of the Products and Services offered by the various companies we represent.

We also hope you will take a moment to visit the Contact Us area to obtain additional information on any of these products, request to be added to our mailing list, or to let us know how we can be of any assistance. You can also contact us immediately by calling

(214) 801-6053 or emailing us at

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