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Message from the President









After a 25+ year career in the Semiconductor industry which culminated as the VP of Sales for a Semiconductor Test and Reliability equipment manufacturer, I realized the time had come to venture out on my own…. This came about for a host of reasons; most of which involved family and a persuasive girlfriend.

I certainly enjoyed the time I spent with my previous employer and appreciate the experience I obtained and the vast number of contacts I made around the world while working there. My life has been enriched by the cultural diversity I was able to experience firsthand due to international travel… and the friends and colleagues I have met throughout the U.S. as a result of my domestic duties. When graduating from Louisiana Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and heading off to work for a large Semiconductor Manufacturer located in Texas for my first job, it never dawned on me the industry changes and developments I would witness…. Or the fact that I would still be working in the same industry to this day.

My primary work experience has always been focused on products that dealt with semiconductor test, assembly, packaging reliability, and characterization…. and these are the types of products I continue to represent today. I have been at one time or the other on all 3 sides of the meeting table… initially as the customer, then as the supplier, and now as the representative. I believe this experience has given me unique insight into the needs and motivations of all the participants. Regardless of the situation I always work to make sure the transaction is beneficial for all the parties involved.

I pride myself on providing a prompt and thorough response to any of your inquiries. I am a strong believer in communication and I always listen to the Customer to understand what the problem is they need to solve …. In many ways, I am not your typical Salesman. I am still an engineer at heart and remember my father's advise saying “Son… you never learn anything by talking”. I also not only understand but believe the Customer always comes first.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the product lines I handle, request help regarding products you may be looking for, or make suggestions on how I can improve this website. Your inputs, positive or negative, are always welcome.


Bill Evans, Owner, and President

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